Learning and playing the game of chess has been the biggest thrill of my life! Have you ever played chess? If so, you know what I am talking about. If not, don’t be intimidated. It’s a lot of fun.

There are 16 pieces you must learn how to use, and after that, it is all practice, practice and more practice. Every day I play two to three times, usually with my grandpa or my dad. If you don't have anyone to practice against, there are lots of computer and phone chess games as well. 

I also like to read new books every day about chess and new strategies and tricks. My grandpa and father always give me tips after they beat me or lose to me.

At my school, we have a chess club. I love facing off and dueling against fellow chess enthusiasts. The happiness and relaxation of being able to put my new tricks to use against my opponent and winning is wonderful.

You can get a simple board and pieces for a decent price at your nearby Walmart or Target or even at a thrift shop. Chess has been played all around the world and is considered one of the oldest board game activities.  

Next time when you play chess, remember to always have fun; it is not about winning or losing but learning from your win or loss and how to do even better next time.

My chess joke:

A black pawn says to the white king:

“How did you feel when you won?”

The king replied, “I was moved.”

Marytheresa Donohue's seventh-grade class, St. Mary School, East Islip