The Kidsday reporters and Leggz Ltd. dancers learning their steps...

The Kidsday reporters and Leggz Ltd. dancers learning their steps in the Rockville Centre ensemble of Sam Carrell and Joan MacNaughton. Credit: Sam Carrell

Perform. That is one word that thrills a dancer. As Leggz Ltd. Dance Ensemble members, we are fortunate to be given several opportunities to perform at a number of exciting venues throughout the year.

At this studio, all of the classes are taught by professional dancers and choreographers. We learn the dance techniques we will need throughout our dance lives, and we meet new people that will stay our friends forever. 

Each year, we perform Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” on a traditional stage at the Madison Theatre at Molloy College. Additionally, we entertain hundreds of people at the Garden City Hotel, along with thousands of people at Walt Disney World, CP Nassau Festival of Trees at the Cradle of Aviation Museum, a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game in Coney Island, South Nassau Hospital, CP Nassau Sugar Plum Ball, Nassau’s Got Talent, Halloween Fest, Old Bethpage Village, Lakeside Theater at Eisenhower Park and at St. Agnes for their annual Christmas Concert. Join us as we take you through what it is like to perform at some of these exciting places.

Each year, we get the opportunity to perform at Coney Island before a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game. We dance an energetic routine on the field. It is so cool to dance on the field where the players have games. Before this, many of us had never danced on grass before, so the feeling was new to us. The fans who came to watch the game were thrilled to enjoy the dancing as well. We were so proud to entertain a crowd that is new to dance. It gave them a new perspective on dance.

Imagine being at the happiest place on earth and doing your favorite thing in the world. For us, this is dancing at Walt Disney World. Dance is a universal language and all the visitors from every country are delighted by our show. We all have so much fun — especially when people walking through the park recognize us and tell us how beautifully we danced!

Additionally, Leggz Ltd. is invited to dance at the Garden City Hotel. It is a great experience because it is an audience of families. We walk around the hotel and perform for the children. What a great time we have dancing through the holidays!

As members of the Leggz Ltd. Ensemble, we learn teamwork, organization, performance skills, professionalism and most importantly: to have fun while we’re dancing. All of our invited and charitable performances are resume builders for our future, including college applications. We become an influence for other dancers who are inspired to be like us. At Leggz, we learn that dance is an art, not a competition!

Sam Carrell and Joan MacNaughton’s dancers, Leggz Ltd. Dance, Rockville Centre