Our school, All Saints Regional, is working with the program Dancing Classrooms Long Island. A teacher comes in twice a week for grades four to six, to teach us ballroom dances. Have you ever heard of it? It is a great learning experience.

It is a skill that you can use throughout your life, as if you were going to any kind of dance. It builds social skills and gives us confidence to do dances like the salsa, rumba, fox-trot, swing, and even the waltz. Each time we learn a new dance, we find out where it originated from. The swing is our favorite because it is upbeat, fun and energetic. It has helped us with coordination and we have become better at sports. If you don't know the moves, don't worry. The teachers will come over and help you.

Our teacher, Miss Katie, always demonstrates what to do first. This is our second year with the program and we are having a ball. At the end of the school year we do a performance for our teachers and families. If you don't have it already, these are the many reasons your school should be the next to get ballroom dancing.