Have you ever wanted a pet? You know you need to feed, exercise, train and comfort it, and give it a trip to the vet every once in a while. But what you should really worry about are thunderstorms, events such as the Fourth of July, loud noises in movies or anything else that is loud or can really startle your pet.

The reason is because they can get scared and go missing. In a raging

thunderstorm, not only will your pet be scared and run off, they also may not be able to find their way home.

My cat, Sissy, went missing for four days after a huge storm. My dad thought she may have been attacked by the eagle that lives near our house, which would have been horribly tragic.

We checked with the area vets, animal shelters and neighbors in case they saw her. But she showed up at 1 in the morning on the fourth day. I felt as happy as can be. So, remember to keep an eye on your pets when a storm comes through or it is time for fireworks.


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