Chef Josh Capon, left, with Kidsday reporters Vlad Curticapean, left,...

Chef Josh Capon, left, with Kidsday reporters Vlad Curticapean, left, Grace Archbold, Zachary Chiuchiolo and Katarina Dietz, 11, Eastport and Manorville, and Mrs. Met at Citi Field Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Outside the weather was a strikeout, but inside Citi Field, the 2019 Mets championship 50th anniversary celebration, it was game on. Even though the New York Mets home opener isn’t until April 4, we had the chance to take a tour of Citi Field and also try out many of the new different foods being offered this year. There were endless options for the types of food. The tour featured American classics, Italian food, sushi treats, desserts and much more! Our job as Kidsday reporters was to try everything. And we did! We stopped by every food station and did a tasting. Here are our opinions on our favorites:

Here is what Vlad wrote: My favorite was the tuna sushi roll. It had a soft texture when I bit into it. The vegetables like rice, cabbage and seaweed were a healthy addition to the fresh tuna. Besides that, I liked stopping by the Porsche buffet foods and meeting chef Josh Capon. At the buffet I ate one of Josh’s hamburgers. They had a soft texture as if you were biting into a cloud. The beef had a sweet taste and was juicy as well. After tasting this delicious burger, I asked Josh why Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday as he had written on his website. He said it wasbecause everyone is there to celebrate it no matter what nationality. Then I asked him what his favorite food was. He answered saying that he likes any food made with love. This day was amazin’.

Grace thought the 2019 Citi Field food tour was the greatest experience. She wrote: My personal favorite was the bases-loaded dog. It is a foot-long hot dog with cheddar fondue, applewood smoked bacon and green onion. It was created by the Haute Dog concession stand. All the different flavors on top come together to make the best meal I’ve ever had. I also had the opportunity to interview an amazing chef, Josh Capon. I asked who was your favorite celebrity that you have cooked for?” He responded, “I would say Chrissy Teigen because she just loves food and she just loves having a good time. She also loves to eat. She doesn’t take herself or the food she eats seriously. She’s just a lot of fun.”

Another question I asked is how are you able to work at so many different restaurants at once? His said, “I think you really have to train people, trust people, and empower people to do what you want them to do. Also give them opportunity to succeed.” I’d say the chefs hit it out of the park!

Here is Katarina’s opinion on the best dessert to have at Citi Field:  Wowfulls Cookie Mill. These are ice cream in sticks covered with Oreo cream. When you chow down on it it feels like you are in a food heaven. It also has Oreo crumbs at the bottom of the cup/bowl. This is just a little tiny bit but has a big impact on the taste and how it fills you up.

Finally, here is what Zachary wrote: Out of all the food I tried, my personal favorite was the Chicken and Waffles. Although the waffles were a little bland, the chicken was the best I’ve ever had. The breadcrumbs were hard and crunchy and the taste and texture were amazing.

After eating this tasty treat, I asked Chef Josh what inspired him to open the Bash Burger at Citi Field. He answered, “I wanted to give the Mets the best food.”

Overall, this was a fun experience and is something we will all never forget. Before dining we also took a walk around the stadium and a look at their new Mets Hall of Fame museum. They will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of their first World Series victory with special events. We also found out that they are having so many great promotional days at the park from special tours, bobblehead days and more. There is even going to be a Built Ford Tough Challenge area where fans can find out if they are fit and ready in some exciting physical challenges.

After this enjoyable experience, we will definitely be visiting Citi Field this season. From all the foods and activities, it looks like the Mets will have a sweet season on and off the field.

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