Credit: Kidsday illustration / Gianna Bommarito

Are you a sixth-grader? Do you have time to go outside and play during the school day? I love to play outside, and I think middle school students should have a choice of recess every day like every other elementary school student.

If some kids don’t want to go to recess, then they can play inside in the gym. They can jump rope, play basketball and do other fun activities. This will give kids a better chance of meeting new kids and making new friends.

In HomeBase, which is what my school has at our middle school, we only get to read and play games. But it’s better for kids to have recess because they can get more physical activity, because some kids don’t get a chance to do that. It’s also nice to get away from all the schoolwork.

Robyn Madden and Patricia Roberts’ sixth-grade class, Garden City Middle School