Kidsday reporters from Wading River Elementary School at the Museum...

Kidsday reporters from Wading River Elementary School at the Museum of Illusions in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We visited the Museum of Illusions in Manhattan. There are lots of great museums in New York City, but what makes this one so different? It is unique.

We had a private tour with Renne Gjoni, the owner and CEO of the museum. The museum’s exhibits trick your mind. Each exhibit uses a variety of lights, colors, angles, distance, mirrors and reflection. Here are just a few of the illusions we really enjoyed:

The Chair Illusion: One person is closer to the camera and one is farther back. There is a chair on the ground with no legs, where one person sits. The legs were about 10 feet in front just sticking out of the floor. The other person stands on a mark on the floor and holds their hand out. When the picture is taken, it looks like one person is very tiny sitting on the chair, while the other person is normal-sized and looks as if they are patting the smaller person’s head.

The Infinity Room: This is a room of mirrors that makes you think there are many versions of yourself. However, the mirrors are actually reflecting off each other, so your brain thinks there are multiples of you.  

The Color Room: The primary color room had three colored lights against a wall: red, yellow and blue. When you turned away from the wall with colors, the colors would reflect off the person and mix and cause the lights to spread into three parts and different colors.  

Holograms: The holograms looked real but the colors are mostly orange and green. The details were so cool. You feel like you can really touch the images. The projectors are hung from the ceiling and it makes it look 3D.

Our trip was exciting and fun. We had a great experience and can’t wait to go back. If you are interested in illusions, we would recommend you visit the Museum of Illusions.

Info: 77 Eighth Ave., Manhattan, 212-645-3230,

Melissa Levonick’s fifth-grade class, Wading River Elementary School