"My Life in Pictures" by Deborah Zemke is mostly about...

"My Life in Pictures" by Deborah Zemke is mostly about a girl named Bea Garcia who draws everything. Credit: Dial Books

I read “My Life in Pictures” by Deborah Zemke (Dial Books). This is a realistic fiction book. This wonderful story is very entertaining and it just makes you want to keep reading until you get to the end. The author did an amazing job. Also the pictures were spectacular as done by Zemke.

“My Life in Pictures” is mostly about a girl named Bea Garcia. She draws everything, even her life. Bea has one brother, Pablo, but Bea calls him the big pest. Bea only has one best friend, named Yvonne, but when Yvonne moves away, she thinks nothing could be worse than that until a boy moves in next door where Yvonne used to live. Then she realizes something worse. The neighbor is named Bert and he ruins everything. Bea has to learn how to get along with him because he walks to school with her and he is in her class. When they are doing a project in school, Bea draws something about Bert, will the teacher find out? Will Bea get in trouble? To find out, read this book. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat.

Rating: 5 smiles