Have you ever ridden a horse? Do you have a brother? Well, I have a brother and I rode a horse. My brother isn't just an ordinary brother; he's my twin. He also has special needs. People treat him differently than they treat me. My family and I help him as much as possible.

Our birthday was coming up. We had to think of ideas for our party. My mom suggested a party at a bouncing place. I said no. She also suggested a pool party, but I said Kyle, my brother, won't last in the water for more than 20 minutes. I said, "What about a horseback riding party?" Kyle rides in the summer, and he loves it. So . . . we had a horseback riding party.

At our party, it was very muddy. They split us into two groups, a girl and a boy group. The girls got to groom the horse first. While we groomed them, the boys were riding. After we finished grooming, we learned the names of some parts of the horse's body. After that, we went into the arena to ride. I rode a horse named Noodles; my brother rode Marbles. We learned how to ride a horse standing up and sitting down. While we were riding, the boys were grooming.

After we were done riding, we went inside a cabin for a great meal. I couldn't eat it all. After the party, we went back to our house to open presents, and, judging by the smile on Kyle's face, I knew we made the right choice.


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