Credit: Kidsday illustration / Leah Bolitho

Easter Sunday is April 21, but it is not too early to start thinking about something special you can do. I think we should donate the Easter candy we get in our Easter baskets to our servicemen and servicewomen because we don’t need a lot as kids. Neither do they, but it would be nice.

If we don’t help the service people who come from our community, who will give to them and show them that we are a caring nation? The service people will think this is a generous offering. We can also make it so they have enough candy so they can ration it and have it for many weeks. They will be so happy, they might send a thank-you card.

There are also benefits for us because we won't get as many cavities if we eat less candy. Instead of eating junk food, we can eat healthy food with our families. It is also kind to think about the people you could be helping. They do not need the candy, but it would be nice to give something to the service people for such a hard job they do for our country.

If you want to donate in other ways, visit

Christine Arthur’s fifth-grade class, Bayville Intermediate School

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