Credit: Kidsday illustration / Jostin Lamar

My parrot’s name is Yahgo. I have had him for almost two years. I got him when he was 4 months old. He is an Eclectus parrot, and he is cute. There is a lot to know about taking care of a parrot.

I feed my parrot things like lettuce, apple, oranges, rice, eggs, and sometimes ice cream and cheese. We also feed him seeds. When he was a baby we fed him lots of proteins.

The way we shower him is to put him in a sink and wet his body with water. We have a special sponge to bathe him. We also spray him with water.

Every couple of months we take him to get his nails cut. We cut his nails so when we want to carry him he doesn’t scratch us. What it does for the bird is that his nails don't get too long and he doesn’t scratch himself, either. They also pull some feathers out when the feathers are ready to come out. I don’t know why they pluck the feathers. When you pull out his old feathers, he turns more colorful. He screams because he is scared. I also take him to the vet three times a year.

 A girl Eclectus parrot looks the same as a boy, but the girl's colors are red and blue, and the boy's colors are green, red and blue. The boy’s beak color is yellow and orange. The girl's beak color is black.

That is my story about taking care of parrots. Hope you enjoy, and I hope you will get a parrot because they are great pets and so nice to have at home.

Christina Buttigieg's sixth-grade class, The De La Salle School, Freeport

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