Even 10-year-olds can figure out how best to help each...

Even 10-year-olds can figure out how best to help each other. Credit: Fotolia

There was some debate about my son’s school’s book fair this year — if a child’s family forgets to send him in with money, even after weeks’ worth of electronic and paper reminders, should he go home without a book?

One such child in my son’s class would have if it hadn’t been for the resourcefulness of his friends.

That day, I sent in $5 and change with my son, who informed me a few days later that he used the money to buy the boy the brand-new “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book, the one my son got for his birthday earlier in the week and had already read three times. He was that excited for the boy to read it.

Another boy in the class saw that my son then didn’t have money left, so he gave him $3 to get a book of his own. My son went to the discount pile and found a title he is now engrossed in.

Who knew 10-year-olds could work it all out themselves. I can only imagine — and hope for — what they can accomplish next.

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