Kidsday reporter Bridget Swanson got physical therapy for her sprained...

Kidsday reporter Bridget Swanson got physical therapy for her sprained ankle. Credit: Ken Swanson

It is no fun injuring yourself while doing an activity that you love, but going to physical therapy will definitely help you to feel much better. I went to physical therapy (PT) after I had sprained my ankle while playing basketball. I was disappointed to miss games and practices for three weeks. Going to PT helped me to heal faster.

When I went to PT for the first time, the workers were very nice and kind. They evaluated my ankle and decided what they were going to do to help my ankle get stronger. We did stretches the first time to keep my ankle moving in the right way. We also did some simple workouts. I was relieved after my first trip because I knew I would feel better. After one day the swelling and pain improved.

The next visit I did multiple stretches to keep my ankle steady. I also did electric stimulation therapy. The therapist attached wires around my foot. The stimulation targeted muscles to relax and reduce the pain. I got a funny tingling in my foot that felt like pins and needles.

As I kept going, I became stronger. I was more steady on my ankle and foot. I used exercise machines to help my legs and my core. It was tough sometimes, but I could feel the difference. I also worked on a turf area and I did exercises for balance and stamina. I made sure I did my stretches every day at home, too. I had to keep my ankle strong and healthy.

If you ever get injured in the summer or any time of the year, make sure that you take action and go to the doctor and the physical therapist. Injuring yourself doesn’t make you happy, but having people who help you out does.

Frances Barricelli and Joan McLean’s sixth-grade class, St. Agnes Cathedral School, Rockville Centre

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