Kidsday reporter Lauren Jones is trying to conquer her habit...

Kidsday reporter Lauren Jones is trying to conquer her habit of picking her scabs. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Do you have an annoying habit that just won’t go away? Well, I have one. I do it all the time: during school, at home, everywhere.

I will bet you will never guess what it is. I pick my scabs, especially the ones on my arms. I pick the scabs right off. When they heal, I pick them again. I have used Band-Aids to try to hide my temptation, but that never stops me. Next thing you know I go under them. I have gone through so many Band-Aids that my mom does not want to buy them anymore. So now I buy my own.

My friends think it is gross, but I don’t care. It’s a game to me, and I can’t stop. My advice to kids who have this habit, or a similar one, is to use two Band-Aids to cover the scab up. Also, try to keep your hands busy when you feel tempted to pick your scabs.

Imagine if you picked your scabs, how would you get rid of this habit? I hope to break my habit. Good luck, fellow scab-pickers.

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