Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

Golfing is in my blood. My grandpa was a golf pro, and he got five hole-in-ones. I think that I am a good golfer, but I don’t golf as much as I’d like to. I golf when my friends invite me to their club. It’s so beautiful playing at their clubs.

When I visit my grandpa in Florida we sometimes play because he lives right on a golf course. The locker rooms have fancy wood lockers with the person’s first and last name on a plate on the locker. They clean your golf shoes and golf clubs. Riding around in carts is super fun.

A golf course is nice and quiet. You can hear the birds singing and an occasional grunt from a golfer taking a swing. Because it’s so quiet and calm, it takes your mind off things. It’s just you and the ball. I get nervous because the ball could go in the water or the sand. My favorite part is putting.

I practice putting at the mini golf course, which is next to the the village pool. My best round is 32. When I watch golf on television, I think I can do it. But when I am golfing, I realize it’s really hard.

One day, I hope to be a golf pro like my grandpa. He is so special to me. He is really good, but he doesn’t brag, and I want to be like him.


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