Art is beautiful and provides comfort for people, regardless of their mood. Everyone deserves to be recognized for accomplishing something in his or her life, and at West Hollow Middle School, this is just what teachers strive to do.

Elisa Brosnan, our art teacher, attempts to share the beauty in her students' art with people all around Long Island. "When your work is out there for everyone to see, it boosts your self-esteem and makes you strive to do better," she said.

To get our work into the art world, many teachers in West Hollow send our work to be chosen for competitions.

For example, Brosnan submits her classes' artwork to Google, Starbucks and even Kidsday. When Kidsday and Google noticed our effort, they selected students to have their art passed into more selective competitions.

Also, our artwork was on display for a week at the Starbucks on Route 110 in Melville. The compliments and satisfaction that we received made all the time put into these projects worthwhile.


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