Kimberly Rall's fourth-grade class with their quilt and donated sewing...

Kimberly Rall's fourth-grade class with their quilt and donated sewing machine. Credit: Kimberly Rall

Have you ever thought about how you would describe yourself with a symbol? Students in our fourth-grade class designed symbols to represent themselves on a quilt to show what they can contribute to the classroom community.

For example, Emma drew a red anchor on her quilt patch showing how she can stand up strong for people and not back down. We learned that colors have meanings. She chose red because it is a color often associated with strength. Cormac drew a speedometer showing that he is always eager.

Next, we had to assemble our quilt. Everyone took a turn sewing their patches together, when our teacher’s sewing machine broke. Our teacher, Kimberly Rall, went to 112 Sewing Supplies, in Patchogue, and they said that they would not be able to repair it. Christine Scorza, the owner, asked what she was using the machine for. Mrs. Rall told her, and Ms. Scorza was very impressed, and arranged to donate a sewing maching from the Brother company. We were going to be able to finish our quilt because of Ms. Scorza’s generous donation!

We opened the quilt and hung it up after we finished sewing, so that everyone got to share and talk about their character trait symbols. Ms. Scorza and her co-worker Ms. D’Ambrose came in the next week so we could thank them and showcase the quilt. The students then got to enjoy a night at home with the comfy, beautiful quilt. Making the quilt was fun. We learned everyone has a character trait and can contribute something different to our classroom community.

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