Tips for running a 5k.

Tips for running a 5k. Credit: iStock

I'll be honest, week two of the 5k training wasn't as easy as the first week. For starters, the increments went up to two minutes of running with a minute of power walking in between. I know it may sound silly, but for a non-runner, that was a big boost.

I also had to run two days back-to-back since it rained and I typically exercise after work so my body didn't have a chance to recover. To put it plainly, I was tired and the increased running intervals were a bit daunting.

The benefit of following a training program with a coach is that someone is there to help you along the way. Adele Arkin, founder of suggested we talk about how I was feeling and suggested slightly altering the program to help me stick with it. And it worked! We increased the recovery time during each workout and adding those extra 30 seconds really helped me get a grip on my stride. 

Balancing everything isn't always easy and this week I learned a way to do it all. As a working mom, the only thing I want to do after a long day is spend time with my daughter. Since having made the commitment to run at least three times a week, I find myself fighting the urge to stay home with her or rather than go for a run. So this week, I brought her with me using a jogging stroller. She enjoyed people watching and when I was able too, we'd sing songs. I find it easier running without the stroller, so on days when I can't get out alone, it's great that we can do this together.