I was able to test out the Sbyke, which is half scooter and half bike. If you like to skateboard, bike or just ride scooters, this is for you. It is a lot harder to move than a regular bike, and I like that because it gave me a workout.

The Sbyke has a regular bike tire, with a skateboard-style board that you stand on and push like you are riding a scooter. There are no pedals. It also has a hand brake.

To get it moving, you hold onto the handlebars and then push off. It can really move.

While you are gliding, you put both feet on the board, and you steer with the handlebars.

It can go side-to-side easily. I also like that you can pull up the front wheel and do tricks with it, too.

You can find Sbykes in lots of sporting goods stores and bike stores, or online at sbyke.com