Credit: Kidsday illustration / Willie Diaz

Sometimes I wish our school had a football team. I talked to our physical education teacher, Mr. Frank Donodeo, about it. He is such a good gym teacher and like many of us, he would like to have a team, too.

The main reason why we do not have football in this school is that we don’t have a field. Instead of having a field, we use the parking lot for recess and gym. We are right next to the post office and a church, so there just isn’t room to build a field.

Another reason is that we don’t have the right equipment. We would have to spend money for football equipment.

Sometimes our gym teacher does not have a lot of time to teach. I think it would be cool if we did because knowing how to play football would be a lot of fun. Mr. D is good at football and knows the rules.

Another big reason it wouldn’t work for a football team is there are so many kids in my school who prefer soccer over football. They do play soccer in the parking lot, but a game might be a problem with kids getting hurt. We all know it would take a lot to switch from concrete to grass.

Christina Buttigieg’s sixth-grade class, The De La Salle School, Freeport

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