Kidsday reporter Emma Breen with the Mc² Smart Pixel Purse.

Kidsday reporter Emma Breen with the Mc² Smart Pixel Purse. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

I reviewed the Project Mc² Smart Pixel Purse (MGA Entertainment).

I think that this purse is an interesting toy. On your phone or iPad you can get an app that can make different pixel designs on your purse. I liked that the purse was pink because I’m pretty sure in the Netflix series “Project Mc²” the purse in the show is pink as well.

I think this toy is pretty simple but cool at the same time. I like that the pixels on the purse are cool and happy colors. There are colors like bright green, purple, pink, white, blue, dark blue and even black. I also like how they included a special spot in the purse for you to put your phone. Another detail is that when you pull the zipper to the right, it is like a key and then the bag opens.

I like that the purse is detailed as if it is an actual purse that you can put lots of things in, but when you feel the purse you know that it’s plastic. I also like that you don’t need a phone or an iPad. You need the app to create your own pixel designs on the front of the purse, but the purse comes with 10 built-in designs.

Ages: 6 and older

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

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