Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maven Martin, Wheatley Heights

Imagine you are a big baseball fan and the World Series is scheduled to be on television at 8 p.m. You are so excited to watch the game. You put on your favorite jersey, pop some popcorn, and meet with your family in the TV room. The pregame show finally comes to an end and you start watching the game. All of a sudden you look at the clock and it is already getting late.

Your parents know how much you love baseball and have been waiting all year for this game, so they say you can stay up a little later. You are hoping the game starts to speed up. You’re anxiously watching, then you hear the dreaded words, “It’s time to go to bed . . . it’s a school night.”

You can’t believe it. It is a tie game and only the bottom of the sixth inning. You can’t believe you have to miss another championship game because the game started too late!

I think the big sports games that many people watch should be played earlier or not on school days so kids can watch them. When kids are watching a game, they shouldn’t get to see only the first half of a game. It stinks that you have to find out the outcome of the game in the morning.

If we make this change, more kids will be able to watch the best games, and TV ratings will go up. This happens for football games, too. Think about the Super Bowl. The morning after the game, the kids who watched it all have to get up early to go to school and are tired the whole day.

Please change the time of games so everyone, including kids, are able to watch them.

Robyn Madden and Patricia Roberts’ sixth-grade class, Garden City Middle School