Some people can be cruel.

If bullies go up to you and start teasing you about how ugly you are, or how you are a new student and how you would be too shy to say anything . . . are you going to let them say those things to you?

Are you going to feel ashamed of yourself, or are you going to stand up to them?

Bullies sometimes make fun of you just to feel good about themselves. It makes them feel powerful. Other times, bullies just want to humiliate you in public.

One time, someone called me a maid. I tried to ignore that. The bully had a sense that it was OK to call me a maid because I ignored that phrase. That kind of made me feel mad, really mad. If this bully is bugging you for a really long time, here are some options you could do to become an upstander.

If you are afraid, that's OK. You could gather some of your friends to support you while standing up to the bully. Talk to adults, too. When you stand up to that bully, trust me, you will feel a lot better. Bullying is wrong. It's never OK. It never makes you look good doing it.


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