Credit: Kidsday staff artist/ Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

When your parents ask if you would like to go to the supermarket with them, I’ll bet your answer is usually no. But if your parents ever ask you if you would like to go to Stew Leonard’s, the answer should be “yes.”

Stew Leonard’s has extraordinary baked, fresh products, pre-made delicious meals and more! These baked goods include pumpkin crumb cake, cannoli cupcakes, cider doughnuts, muffins, breads and many other goods. Animatronic characters like singing dairy products make Stew Leonard’s fun for all ages. Even your beloved pet dogs can join in on the fun! There is a doggy bar full of treats and snacks for your dog to enjoy. Stew Leonard’s is a unique and fun market where all can enjoy the experience.

But wait! Your Stew Leonard’s experience is not over after the shopping. Dinner is served in Mrs. Leonard’s pre-made aisle. You can grab a quick bite to eat on your way out or enjoy some dinner on the go. They offer pizza, wings, soup, Chinese food, mac and cheese and more. Stew Leonard’s even has a sushi bar for all of you sushi lovers. Can you imagine working there? Employees enjoy working at Stew Leonard’s.

One of my personal favorites is Stew Leonard’s edible cookie dough. If you like cookie dough, you shouldn’t miss the cookie dough shakes. These items will certainly fit your cookie dough needs.

I hope you go to Stew Leonard’s and enjoy the wonders and deliciousness Stew Leonard’s has to offer. It is located in Farmingdale, East Meadow and other places. For more information go to