Kidsday reporter Jane Cary of Quogue tends to her chickens.

Kidsday reporter Jane Cary of Quogue tends to her chickens. Credit: Cary family

About six months ago, my grandmother and I bought eight baby chicks. They are very fun! It is pretty hard to take care of them. For instance, they eat a lot of grains and table scrap food, so every day you need to refill their food. They are also very messy and you have to clean their water and they poop so much! In their cardboard box where they live when they are little, you have to take out the old wood chips every few days and put in fresh chips. They also need a heat lamp so they can stay warm. When they are chickens you move them into a coop. Once they have grown into big chickens, they have larger food and water bowls so you don’t have to change and refill them as much as when they are babies. In the daytime we let them out in the yard. Just make sure it’s fenced up at night. I put them in the coop so predators like raccoons, hawks and dogs can’t get them. We named them Henny Penny, Jumper, Snow Ball, Miss Bossy, Cuddles, Slash and Izzy. Henny Penny likes to sit on my lap. Jumper is the one that I trained to jump for his food. When we moved the new chickens to the coop, Izzy wasn’t nice to them. So we let the chickens go to the coop and we put Izzy in the extension and it’s all working out very well. We love having chickens and enjoy their very yummy eggs. They lay different colors — brown, blue and sometimes light green.