Actors and comedians Ricky Gervais and Ben Stiller, from the...

Actors and comedians Ricky Gervais and Ben Stiller, from the movie "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb," with Kidsday reporters Ty McKenzie, Olivia Healy, Nicholas Houlder, and Gabriela Rivas, all from Copiague Middle School, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Manhattan on Dec. 12, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Last week, we previewed the new movie "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb." We really enjoyed the first two "Night at the Museum" movies and were looking forward to this one. We were not disappointed.

The movie is about Larry (Ben Stiller), who works as a guard at a museum where the characters come to life at night due to a magic tablet. In this film, the tablet begins to lose its magic, and the characters start to return to statue and wax form. Larry and the other characters find out there is a secret to the tablet, but in order to solve it, they have to travel to London to look for help with the tablet at the British Museum.

When they get to London, they meet up with a few new characters. Sir Lancelot, played by Dan Stevens, was one character that we really enjoyed. He was really energetic and caused a great deal of chaos at the British Museum. Larry also meets up with Tilly (Rebel Wilson), a security guard at the London museum. She was a great addition to the movie. Our favorite new character was Laaa, one of the cave men. Laaa was played by Ben Stiller, who also plays the part of Larry. Laaa added a lot of funny parts to the movie, including a very funny kissing scene with Tilly. We liked when Larry and Laaa were on screen together.

We really enjoyed the movie. There was a good story, and a lot of action. There were great new characters, and some really funny scenes. You will love the part when Dexter (Crystal the monkey) helps to stop the lava from flowing! We highly recommend this movie for everyone. Even our teachers loved it! We rate it 4 smiles out of 5.

After seeing the movie, we went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Manhattan and sat in on the news conference with Ben Stiller, Dan Stevens, Rebel Wilson, Owen Wilson, Ricky Gervais and director Shawn Levy. But, even better, right after that, we sat down with Ben and Ricky (Dr. McPhee) and interviewed them about their roles.

What do you think makes this movie different from the first two "Night at the Museum" movies?

Ben: First of all, years have gone by since the other two movies. Real time has gone by and Nicky [Skyler Gisondo], my son, is now a teenager and we are dealing with that. We have that relationship where he is going off to college. Everybody is starting to malfunction, something is wrong with the tablet. That is the big thing that makes this different in this movie. It is the first time we had to consider that everything might end and it all might be over. The stakes are pretty high in this movie.

How many times did you do the kissing scene with Rebel Wilson (Tilly)?

Ben: It was a fun kissing scene. It was me, it was the Caveman (Laaa). It was me with Caveman lips. So I felt that I wasn't even touching her lips. That is a very strange feeling to kiss someone with fake lips. You'll see some day when you have to kiss someone with prosthetic lips.

Ricky: He did use his real lips with the monkey.

Ben: That is true. That we did in just one take. You want to be safe about this.

What was it like working with Robin Williams?

Ben: I always loved working with Robin. I was a huge fan of his. I always will be. I never got over the excitement of working with him because of that. Every time I worked with him it was just exciting and fun and he was just a real nice guy to everyone. It was always a real joy to work with him.

Ricky: He was just a really nice man, lovely. He was always trying to make people feel good.

When you made the first "Night at the Museum," did you think there would be two sequels?

Ricky: I didn't think I would be invited back if there were. I made sure I cashed the check so they couldn't take the money back. I actually did this as a favor to Ben because he did my show. He sent me an email for a part in the movie and it was only a couple of days and we had so much fun.

Ben: Both things were fun, doing Ricky's show and then when he came and did "Night at the Museum." I remember the scene so well that we did in front of the dioramas. It was so much fun. I never imagined there would be another two movies. But I think because I was so into the first one and what it was and it was a great idea, I didn't necessarily think there would be another one after it.

Ricky: No one knew how successful that first one was. It was one of the biggest films, which is something you can't predict. And you should never do a film because you think it is going to be the biggest film, you should do it because it is good and it is fun. I think that is what surprised everyone.