Kidsday reporter Kevin Chang works with a 3D printer.

Kidsday reporter Kevin Chang works with a 3D printer. Credit: Janet Rumble

As time goes on, technology is getting more and more advanced. 3D printers are great examples of this. It’s amazing how much they can do.

3D printers can help show history. Many of the historical sculptures are too fragile to be displayed, but with 3D printers, these sculptures are available to the public.

3D printers can also help people in need, including the disabled. Organizations such as a volunteer network called Enabling the Future have helped children who need prosthetic arms get them through 3D printing. The 3D printers also make prosthetics cheaper, and they can be customized to the person’s liking.

People are even figuring out how to use 3D printers that can make organs by stacking organic matter. Even though the 3D printing isn’t perfect yet, in the near future hopefully it will be. This would help many people who are on long waiting lists to receive organs.

3D printers can even help the environment. Every day there is plastic being thrown out or recycled. 3D printers can give used plastic a new life. The plastic could be used as filaments in the printers. Research from Michigan Tech University found that turning the plastic into spools uses less energy than recycling plastic.

Many schools have 3D printers for the students to use. The 3D printers allow kids to use their imagination and creativity to make anything they want to make.

3D printers can benefit us a lot. They can help people in need, and we can also have fun with them.

Janet Rumble and Sandi Yarow’s sixth-grade class, Great Neck South Middle School