Actor Tony Hale with Kidsday reporters Kenneth Lee, left, Violet...

Actor Tony Hale with Kidsday reporters Kenneth Lee, left, Violet Montanez, Kanin Michael and Caroline Jonassen, from Leggz Ltd. Dance in Rockville Centre, at Disney offices in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

On Monday, we were very excited because we got to meet and interview Tony Hale. He stars as the nervous but comical character Forky in the new Disney Pixar animated movie “Toy Story 4,” which we saw last week, and loved — 4.5 smiles out of 5. Tony is so funny and entertaining as this character!

In the movie, which opens Friday, Forky does not start out as a toy. Bonnie, his “kid,” makes him out of trash during kindergarten orientation, and loves Forky more than any of her other toys. Bonnie loves to play with Forky, and she brings him everywhere she goes! Forky doesn’t understand his purpose as a toy and always tries to escape Bonnie’s grasp, which leads to ridiculous mishaps throughout the movie.

 We asked Tony if he thinks his personality is like Forky’s. He told us that that they are very similar. Like Forky, Tony feels anxious sometimes, and he always finds himself in new, funny situations.

We wondered if Tony became close friends with any of the actors playing other toys in the movie with him, and we were surprised when he told us that he didn’t get to spend time with them until the final movie screening for the actors. He said that usually people’s voices are recorded for the movie at different times, and the actors hardly ever run into one another.

When asked if he would like to be Forky in a Part 5 to the "Toy Story" series, he said he would gladly be the character because he is always happy to work. However, Tony isn’t sure if Forky would be in another "Toy Story" movie. Forky is made from a plastic spork, so it is probable that he won’t last long enough to be in another movie.

Tony was so excited that we are dancers because it turns out that he enjoys dancing, too! He told us that his favorite type of dance is hip-hop. We were curious about Tony’s wife, Martel Thompson, who is a talented and famous makeup artist. Tony told us that her specialty is special-effects makeup. Tony’s wife doesn’t like to apply too much makeup to people, though, because she doesn’t want to cover up their natural beauty.

Because Forky is Bonnie’s favorite toy, we asked Tony if he had a favorite toy when he was growing up. It turns out that his favorite toy was a doll of the Muppet Scooter. Tony liked Scooter so much because Scooter had glasses, just like he did when he was younger. Tony believes that it is important for all young children to have a special toy to play with and to help them feel safe and comfortable.

After the interview, we all got to make our own Forky toys with Tony! He even signed the Forky feet for us. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to talk to him and learn about his life and acting career. We all agree that being with him is just like being with Forky, only the human version.

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