Kidsday reporters Lucas Scourtos, left, Matthew Montesanto, Gianna Ameri and...

Kidsday reporters Lucas Scourtos, left, Matthew Montesanto, Gianna Ameri and Emma Carlson, at "Trolls the Experience" in Manhattan.
  Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Are you a fan of The Trolls? We are, and on Monday we went to DreamWorks' "Trolls: The Experience" in Manhattan. As soon as we walked in, we felt the excitement in the air and we could see the smiles on the faces of all the kids and their parents. A very enthusiastic helper brought us to the beginning of our Troll adventure and gave us guidelines to follow as we followed a brightly colored rainbow path on the floor.

First, we were brought to the hair station and shown different styles of Troll hair to choose from. We thought the decision would be easy but the colorful wigs made it more difficult to choose. We could choose from Rainbow, Branch, Poppy or Guy Diamond-themed headbands. We couldn’t wait to wear our new wigs. 

Next, we were off to get our makeup. We sat in brightly colored chairs with flower-themed mirrors. It was cool to watch how the makeup was applied and to get a chance to watch the transformation of an everyday kid to a fabulous Troll. The makeup artists were fabulous and explained the application process to us as we were transformed into our characters.

The fun continued when we entered Branch’s Musical Mash up room. Here we made our own fantastic music by touching glowing circles on characters. We thought that was great until we went to the next station where our job was to try and catch flying confetti glitter paper in an enclosed wind tube. It was more challenging than we thought, but we managed to catch some of the dancing twirling paper.

After that adventure, we headed to the playground. Pretend forest logs and rocks made it feel as if we were in a magical fantasy forest. After playing in the forest, we were given 3D glasses and entered the dance party.

Right from the beginning, the music had us dancing and swaying to the beat of popular music. While dancing, we were joined by dancing Trolls that jumped off the screen as we danced.

Our best day ever didn’t stop there. We continued to the after-party scrapbook table. Helpers put together a scrapbook of funny photo booth pictures for us to take home. The end of the rainbow found us with the character Poppy giving us hugs and even more photo opportunities. And, we have to admit, it was fun taking the train back to Long Island still wearing our wigs and makeup.

If you make your way into Manhattan, be sure to stop by and take in this fun experience. It is located at 218 W. 57th St. and, to add to your excitement, Trolls the Experience will be offering a buy one get one, BOGO, deal on tickets for Mother’s Day this year. The promotion starts on May 1. Check online!

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