Do you need help with homework? Well, we have a solution to that problem. It's FaceTime. You can have FaceTime on iPhones, iPods, and iPads (only if they have a camera).

FaceTime is an Apple product. It is like video chatting. You can FaceTime a friend to do homework together. We think this is a good way to do our work together because watching the person helps you focus and you can see what they are talking about. For instance, you can work out your answers, then compare them to see which one makes more sense. We both look back in the text. Then both of us show the evidence for our answers. Then, we tell why we think our answers are correct. We also take turns reading the text. After reading, we decide what genre the text is. We help each other out if one of us doesn't understand the question. We talk about what we learned from the text we read. We also tell our favorite part of the text.

FaceTime is a very helpful homework tool. Maybe you should try it.


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