The girls at our school are using their talent of making bows to help others. They make lovely bows every month to donate to charitable organizations. In this club, we learn how to make many different kinds of bows. The mothers who run the club show us how to make them.

It all started with student council elections. We wanted to make a club that would be fun and serve others at the same time. We looked around the hallways and noticed a lot of girls wearing bows. "How about a bow club?"

We figured that if we sold our bows and donated the money to charity, the girls would be having fun and serving others at the same time. We met a few weeks after sending out forms, and we were so surprised to see a crowd of 30 girls in the club. Our dream came true. The girls loved making bows in the company of their friends.

As weeks went by, the club got much bigger. We started selling our bows during lunch period to raise money for the Little Flower Children and Family Services in Riverhead. Our bows sold out. The St. Patrick Bow Club had raised $200.

The bows got prettier and prettier. One day, as we were researching organizations, one in particular caught our attention: Be Like Brit, an orphanage in Haiti.

Haiti had a terrible earthquake in 2010, and at least 230,000 people died. There was a 19-year-old college student, Britney Gengel, who was doing service work there for poor children. Sadly, when the earthquake hit, Britney died. Her parents wanted to fulfill Britney's last wish by building an orphanage in Haiti. They built it in the shape of a B and called it Be Like Brit.

We raised more than $100 from our second sale, and it is going to help this foundation. We also are donating our bows and some dresses given by the girls to orphaned children. We believe in serving others, and there is no better way to do it than to help others in need.

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