Kidsday reporter Emely Renteria of Great Neck wears her UNICEF...

Kidsday reporter Emely Renteria of Great Neck wears her UNICEF Kid Power Band. Credit: Renteria family

The UNICEF Kid Power Band is such an amazing product. But there are some not so good things, too. Here are some pros and cons about the Power Band.


• The Power Band shows the time and how many steps you take.

• When you buy it at Target, they will donate $10 to UNICEF.

• It has awesome battery life.

• It is comfortable.

• You can adjust the size.


• You can’t see how much battery life you have until it is about to die.

• You won’t know when your steps will reset.

• It is not “Star Wars”-themed. It just says “Star Wars” and “Force for change.”

• When you charge it, the time resets and it goes off.

I highly recommend the UNICEF Kid Power Band. Also, it is limited edition. Get it at Target now through the end of the year. Here is some additional information on why it is a good thing: The more kids move, the more Kid Power Points they earn. Kid Power Points are converted to funding by partners, parents and fans. You can find more at: