Credit: Kidsday illustration / Joshua Rubio-Blanco

Did you know that video games, especially action video games, increase focus? Penn State (and other colleges and universities) did experiments and found that video gamers increase their attention most by playing action video games. Other studies show that kids who are involved with media multitasking, which means doing many things at the same time, are not able to pay attention. This means they have a lack of focus.

The researchers gave participants questionnaires and asked how much they go on social media and how much they play video games. In the end, they found that heavy gaming enhances attention and focus.

I have ADHD, which is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Playing video games helps me with my attention. Every day I get more focused while I play video games. I recommend that kids with ADHD, like me, should play action video games to help them with their attention and their focus.

Lori Shyman’s sixth-grade class, Clarke Middle School, Westbury