Kidsday reporters Zachary Cona, left, and Nicholas Bruckner show off...

Kidsday reporters Zachary Cona, left, and Nicholas Bruckner show off their bottle-flipping skils. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We’re sure you have heard of water-bottle flipping. We’re also pretty sure you have done it. But do you know the science behind it?

Mike Senatore, the person who started the water-bottle-flipping sensation, prefers a bottle of water filled up to a third, or fourth to flip. He also prefers a water bottle that is hourglass-shaped. The center of mass is at the bottom of the bottle, which weighs it down, and it lands upright.

A lot of kids, including us, started drinking more water so they could get the right amount of water in the bottle and they could flip it. The school water fountain is a perfect place to get the right amount of water to flip the bottle. Another good reason to use the water fountain is people don’t need to buy and waste tons of water bottles because the plastic bottles are the best to flip.

Kids flip water bottles a lot. We think the reason they flip them is it’s really satisfying to land a water bottle. The excitement is so much fun because it’s suspenseful and you get to impress many people. Lastly, kids like the challenge of landing a bottle.

We’re sure you have seen it, but visit YouTube and search Mike Senatore and watch him in action. He is so funny!