One of my favorite places to visit every fall is Hicks Nurseries in Westbury.

Hicks usually changes items seasonally. In the fall, they actually keep some fall flowers and trees. Some fall flowers are mums (chrysanthemums) in many different colors, cone flowers that goldfinches like to eat, Japanese maples and ferns (they are seedless). They also have veggies like pumpkins, squash in different colors and gourds.

They have this cool- and calm-looking lagoon. It is called the Lotus Flower Water Lily Lagoon. Since it is harvesting season, they harvest many pumpkins for many different activities. Hicks is a very fun place to visit.

The main event is The Harvest Festival held every year at this time. It runs through October. The festival is big. There are many activities. There is a hayride. It is very exciting and so much fun. There are all these yummy snacks. There are soft pretzels, popcorn and much more. Oh, the best part is the pumpkin-carving contest. You don't know how to carve a pumpkin? Well, there is a pumpkin-carving lesson so you can learn and get ready for the contest. Yay!

Hicks is a great place to visit. It is at 100 Jericho Tpke. in Westbury. Find it online:


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