Wow Packs WOW PACKS FROM Wow! Stuff FOR AGES 3...

Wow Packs WOW PACKS FROM Wow! Stuff FOR AGES 3 and older COST $34.99 AVAILABLE AT Toys R Us Press a controller built into the shoulder strap and the backpack makes funny expressions and sound effects. Snot the Zombie has spooky eyes that spin; he also blows raspberries and drips snot from his nose. Cutezee the Kitten has lashes that open and close. She’ll giggle, laugh, and meow. WOW PACKS also have a proximity sensor, so if friends and family get too close the packs go wild with excitement. Adjustable shoulder straps. Requires three AA batteries (not included). Credit: Handout

This year, backpacks turn into superhero capes, come with interchangable patches and get a runny nose. School supplies get a twist, with everything from jewelry for pencils to pencils you can play hockey with. Kids will wear mismatched sneakers and Rainbow Looms bracelets. And technology will not only be functional but fun -- have you seen the microscope you can capture video with on your computer?

These are just some of the back-to-school products kids will be showing off this fall, as Newsday kids editor Valerie Kellogg and Newsday style writer Anne Bratskier recently demonstrated on News 12 Long Island. Here's a link to the clips with News 12's Elisa DiStefano, and make sure to go to to see even more stuff for the new school year.

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