Being able to fly, having big muscles, possessing special powers, or traveling faster than the speed of light -- do you know anyone with these abilities? We polled the students and teachers of The Children's Learning Center at UCPN on their favorite superheroes. This is something you could do at your school, too. Here are our results:

10) Thor2 votes9) Flash3 votes8) Storm6 votes

7) Iron Man8 votes

6) Superman9 votes

5) Hulk11 votes

4) Batman 12 votes

3) Wolverine14 votes

2) Wonder Woman15 votes

And the moment you've been waiting for . . .

1) Spider-Man 20 votes

Spider-Man was the favorite superhero in our poll. Our voters said Spider-Man is their favorite because he flies, shoots webs and has an awesome costume. Who do you think will be your school's favorite superhero? We promise you will have a SUPER time finding out.


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