Credit: Kidsday illustration / Angelina Salmon, Lindenhurst

The holidays are over, and it is time to think about school and ways to relax. I have some ideas on how you can spend your time during the cold winter months when your schoolwork is finished:

  • Sitting by the fire Drinking hot cocoa by a roaring fire is a great way to relax. Maybe add marshmallows or whipped cream with some gingerbread to your hot cocoa.
  • Sledding Snow proves to be thrilling. After all, what else is slippery enough to slide down very fast yet holds up well, too?
  • Ice skating Go skating either at a rink or on a local pond (but be sure it’s frozen solid). Skating may seem cold, but you get surprisingly warm. It’s also a great way to practice balance.
  • Building an igloo This seems hard, right? Well, all you have to do is pack some snow together and stack. Build your dream house.

In the winter, going out in the snow may feel like a chore, but fresh air can calm and relax you, and even change your mood.


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