We met Zach Clayton also known as @Bruhitszach on social media, at the Hilton Hotel in Times Square last week. Meeting Zach was an unforgettable experience for us. As he came around the corner to meet us, our jaws dropped . . . it was really him! We didn’t know what to expect of him, but he turned out to be a very outgoing, fun and goofy guy, which made him very relatable.

As the interview progressed, we had him stumped on a couple of our questions, and we shared a lot of laughs throughout the interview. He told us about his new lifestyle as an internet celebrity and how he handles the fame. One major thing he has done so far in his career is that he has created an anti-bullying movement based on his past experiences and his fans since he is very popular on social media.

We learned how he came up with the name Bruhitszach as it was a thing in 2014. Although it is a struggle between his tour, and being an internet sensation, he still tries to balance time between online schooling, friends and family. Zach is open to meeting and communicating with his fans publicly so he prefers not to have security with him.

He is also a singer and is coming out with a new song that he just recently announced called “Kick It With Me.” As our last question of the interview, we sang “Nothin’ But Love” with him and came up with a short choreography to go with it. At the end of the interview, he was very happy to take pictures with all of us. We were ecstatic, even if the pictures had come out blurry.

When we were doing research on Zach, we saw that he loves Nesquik Strawberry Milk, so we decided to buy him two bottles of it. Then, as we gave it to him, he was very excited that we knew this strange fact about him. Later he gave us a shout out on Snapchat for giving him the strawberry milk and we couldn’t even believe our eyes . . . millions of his fans saw it!

Meeting Zach was so amazing, that we all wish that we could go back in time and do it again. Zach will be back in New York on May 13 when he appears at the Knitting Factory along with YouTube stars Max & Harvey.