Angelo Galasso has opened his first flagship U.S. store inside...

Angelo Galasso has opened his first flagship U.S. store inside Manhattan's Plaza Hotel. Credit: Handout

In October 1907, the Plaza Hotel's Edwardian Room at 1 W. 58th St. opened to the public as an exclusive men-only cafe. Though women are most certainly welcome today, Italian menswear designer Angelo Galasso has taken over the space, opening his first U.S. flagship store.

Galasso, who designed not only the merchandise but the store itself, said he tried to capture the essence of New York with soft plush carpeting, strong architecture and fine fixtures.

As he walked through his store in one of Manhattan's most iconic hotels, Galasso explained how the historic room, which has greatly evolved throughout the last century, reflects the theme of his collection, Fatto in Italia. "Men needed clothing that evoked change," he said.

One of Galasso's most famous designs is his Polso Orologio shirt, which has an open space in the cuff to allow men to show off their watches. The idea was inspired by ex-president of Fiat Gianni Agnelli, who had to wear his watch over his shirt cuff because of an allergy.

All of Galasso's shirts are manufactured in Italy by hand. The store also sells pants, jackets, dress shoes, ties and more. View the collections at