FitFlop's new offering, the Happy Gogh, comes in a variety...

FitFlop's new offering, the Happy Gogh, comes in a variety of colors. Credit: Handout

Everybody has a variation on those “special” sneakers – you know those oh-so- comfy jobs that somehow manage to give your leg muscles a workout by just knocking around in them. 

All good, if you don’t mind the slightly orthopedic vibe. Instead, you might prefer FitFlop’s new offering, the Happy Gogh. These high shine, patent clogs come in lush colors (royal blue, poppy red, cherry red, very plum and black) and feature of-the-moment studs around the edge and not even a hint of healthy-shoe weirdness.

That said, word is you get even better benefits from these (touted as "Gym-Built In") than by wearing those ball-soled sneaks, which are comfort, improved posture, reduction of back stress and best of all, toned and tightened leg muscles. 

These are the next iteration from FitFlop’s founder Marcia Kilgore (also Bliss Spa founder and a former personal trainer) who originally designed FitFlop’s flip flops (she sold millions) as a cellulite fighting solution with the same biomechanically engineered patent as Happy Gogh’s which includes a doctor-designed Microwobbleboard mid-sole technology for major comfort.
They retail for $90 and you can get them now at Bloomingdale’s or