AVOCADO, CARROT SEED AND TUMERIC Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum reduces...

AVOCADO, CARROT SEED AND TUMERIC Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum reduces signs of acne, aging and hyperpigmentation, thanks to a grocery basket's worth of antioxidant-rich oils. Yes, it's pricey, but it's also the most popular item in the shop that customers return for; $185 at Aurum Rose, Cold Spring Harbor. Credit: Vintner’s Daughter

This season brings the return of farmers markets, and the tilling and planting of backyard gardens. But fruits, vegetables and herbs aren’t just for the dinner table. They also deserve a spot in your bathroom vanity.

More beauty brands are seeing to that, injecting their soaps, shampoos, lotions and serums with a healthy helping of juice, pulp and essential oils derived from produce.

“People are becoming more in tune with natural products in general, so the thought of … food for your skin is warming to the soul,” says Roberta Perry, founder of ScrubzBody, a Farmingdale skincare shop offering scrubs and creams made from her own blend of natural ingredients.

There’s something reassuring about looking at a label and being able to identify ingredients you could have grown in your own backyard garden. Warmer weather and longer days mean you’ll be spending more hours outdoors, so your skin will require extra care.

“Spring is the time of renewal, and for many it's the time when they begin to start paying attention to their skin again,” says Marissa Waller, owner of Aurum Rose, a boutique in Cold Spring Harbor that offers curated “clean beauty” makeup and skincare brands. Waller evaluates each brand she stocks, ensuring they are not only made from natural and/or organic ingredients but also testing so-called age-defying elixirs and looks for results within 14 days.

For an even more mouthwatering selection, stroll over to Lush, a chain that started in England. Each shop looks like a quaint, old-fashioned grocery, stocked with soaps, bath bombs and shampoo that look and smell like (and are made from) the real thing — parsley, strawberries, honey and so on.

It all sounds good enough to eat — but slather it on your skin instead.

PEPPERMINT Mint can overtake a garden, choking out other plants...

PEPPERMINT Mint can overtake a garden, choking out other plants in weeks, but in this Bliss Mint Chip Mania Cooling & Soothing Ice Cream-Textured Mask, launched this year, the nutrient-rich whipped formula removes deep dirt and oil and refreshes skin; $16 at Target, Ulta, CVS and blissworld.com. Credit: Bliss

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