Kellan Lutz celebrates the launch of the spring collection for...

Kellan Lutz celebrates the launch of the spring collection for his clothing line, Abbot + Main, at Bloomingdale's in Garden City. (March 17, 2012) Credit: Wire Image

Model, actor and now fashion designer Kellan Lutz says he used to save up money as a kid to shop at Bloomingdale's.

The "Twilight" and "Immortals" stud, who just turned 27, has come a long way.

Excited Long Island tweens, moms and even grandmothers rushed to Bloomingdale's at Roosevelt Field Mall Saturday to pick up pieces from his clothing line, Abbot + Main, and to share a moment with him.

Lutz made sure to be worth the wait, hugging his fans, signing autographs, thanking them for the many belated birthday gifts he received and even jumping into the crowd.

Abbot + Main, a Venice Beach inspired line of cozy knitwear, is a collaboration between Lutz and Danny Guez, designer of premium denim label Dylan George.

The spring collection marks the first time the line is sold at Bloomingdale's stores and the first time Lutz has designed for women.

"It's really cool to make a line of stuff I like seeing," he said. "I like when girls wear layers and it's not all about the skin. You can go to the beach and see girls in bikinis, but there's something special about the feeling in Venice where they just have their own sense of style and a flow that's very angelic."

Though Lutz is known for his buff physique, he showed off the layered look in a T-shirt, sweater and blazer with jeans and a beanie.

"I've always been a jeans and T-shirts kind of guy," Lutz says, though he admitted to having a more eclectic closet than meets the eye.

"I'll hold on to random things in case I have that one role where I have to play the homeless guy, or the killer or something," he says, "so I have this whole little section of costumes that I never wear. They just take up room, and I just wait for that one chance to wear them. I think the only thing missing really is a fat suit. I kind of wish I had a fat suit in there."

Lutz, who has lived in Venice Beach for two years, said this was his third visit to Long Island. His other two trips were for skydiving.

The adventure lover's future as a designer likely won't be quite as risky. "I'd love to do some of my taxi cab hats, some beanies, some board shorts-- just stay true to me," he says.

Abbot + Main can also be found at and