Article22 peaceBOMB bangle set, $40-60; at

Article22 peaceBOMB bangle set, $40-60; at Credit: Article22

When Elizabeth Suda, founder and designer of sustainable accessories company Article22, traveled to Laos in 2008, she was inspired to start a new project.

Laos, a country located in Southeast Asia, was the victim of 580,000 bombing missions in an attempt to prevent the spread of communism during the Vietnam War. At the current rate of removal, it is estimated that it will take 800 years to clear the country's environment of undetonated explosives.

After the war, artisans in a northern village began to use the scrap metal covering their land to make spoons as a means of income.

Elizabeth teamed up with her sister, textile designer Wallis Suda, to create the peaceBOMB collection -- bracelets, necklaces and novelty spoons made by Laotian artisans and farmers out of melted and reshaped scrap war metal.

The 15 piece collection includes engraved bangles with messages such as "Dropped and made in Laos", "Peace Bomb" and "I love peace". There are also wrap bracelets and necklaces with metal charms, and bomb shaped cuff links. Prices range from $16 to $400.

Shop the collection at and visit the Article22 Facebook page or follow @A22peacebomb on Twitter for more information, or watch the 10 minute film documenting the story of Laos and Project peaceBOMB below.