Mugler's new Muglerette M Handbag, $1,945, sold exclusively at

Mugler's new Muglerette M Handbag, $1,945, sold exclusively at Credit: Joseph V. Amodio

Shopbop threw a bash last night at the swanky Top of the Standard to celebrate the launch of Mugler and the exclusive-to-Shopbop Muglerette Graffiti Bag created by Nicola Formichetti.  Mugler…Formichetti…Shopbop—like we needed any MORE reasons to get us to the Standard Hotel?

Mugler’s new ready-to-wear and handbag collection will debut at Shopbop this spring, and the Muglerette is leading the way—cute, kitschy…the textured calfskin bag is handmade in Italy, featuring quirky doodles of pandas and such and Nicola’s signature.  Maybe it’s the kiddy-like doodles and the square sides but it almost has a lunchbox feel to it.  Or a mini briefcase, with an awesome hinged clasp. 

The price tag--$1,945—is something you’ll wanna doodle over when that credit card bill comes in.  But Nicola says life’s too short to sweat the small stuff…like price tags. 

Look for it at