O'beehave in Islip carries natural, organic vegan hair and body...

O'beehave in Islip carries natural, organic vegan hair and body products. Credit: O'Beehave

O’beehave, a shop that carries natural botanical, organic and cruelty-free hair and body products, has opened its doors at a new location in Islip. 

Now, there are three locations for O’beehave, including outposts in Montauk Salt Cave in Montauk and in Shear Wisdom, a salon in Littleton, Colorado, where customers are encouraged to use refillable bottles to help reduce plastic waste, says owner and founder Jeanine Longo.

“This was my solution to chemicals and plastic bottles out of my own sheer frustration of doing customers’ hair with petroleum-based products, toxins and plastic,” says Longo, a former hairdresser with a background in marketing for cosmetics companies.

The shops offer a Universal Wash unisex collection made with essential oils in 18 different “flavors” including citrus sunshine and lavender flower, which can be used for hair, face, body, and beard.

O'beehave's Universal Condish collection, a multipurpose cream in four flavors, including lavender dream and Key lime citrus, can be used as conditioner, makeup remover, facial cleanser, and shaving balm.

Other store brand items are balms, butters, scrubs, lotions, serums and mists. Two popular items are Mist Beehave Organic Aloe hand sanitizer, which can also be used as an aftershave or facial moisturizer and Morning Dew Drops vitamin C serum, which actually has its own fan club, “The Morning Dew Club.”

In home products, there’s Dan’s 100% Natural laundry soap, Perfect Zero Waste laundry bar, Pearly White Oral Care, reusable glass straws and canvas totes.

As a BYOB (bring your own bottle) beauty company, O’beehave offers a $2 discount on purchases when utilizing their refill bar.

“You bring your container. We sanitize it and fill it,” says Longo.

Prices start at $12 for unisex facial toners and cleansing waters and go up to $50 for Neroli Sunrise and Morning Dew Universal washes and Licorice Condish Universal conditioner.

O’beehave is located at 541 Main Street in Islip. The flagship was originally located in Babylon. The shop is open Wednesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.; 917-755-5357, obeehavennaturals.com.