Even watches go royal blue, with this Modern Camper design;...

Even watches go royal blue, with this Modern Camper design; $55 at timex.com. Credit: Handout

A wrist-hugging time keeper is something that stays in style, won’t outgrow you and serves some practicality — which makes it an ideal holiday gift.

The nation’s leading watch manufacturer, Timex, is introducing an interactive website that allows users to filter which watches suit their personality and lifestyle.

TimexGiftFinder.com acts like a personality questionnaire, asking things like “If [your friend] asked you to order a drink, what would you get them?” or left fielders like “What would he or she do if the toilet breaks?”

Once completed, users are dubbed titles like “The Fashionista” or “The Deal Closer” and Timex shows a handful of watches that best suits them. They even include a $10 coupon for the purchase of two Timex watches from Walmart or Target.

The site can also be connected via Facebook, where users can choose those who may be interested in watches this holiday season and share their favorite styles with others.

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