Landscape designer Dwight Andrews of Dwight Andrews Design in Bay...

Landscape designer Dwight Andrews of Dwight Andrews Design in Bay Shore. (2011) Credit: Handout

DESIGNER: Dwight Andrews, Dwight Andrews Landscape Design, Bay Shore

Andrews, who has been operating his own design firm since 1993, has been a landscape designer on Long Island for more than 33 years. He began his horticultural training in high school, where he focused on plant science, and went on to earn associate and bachelor degrees from the College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill and Mississippi State University, respectively, in landscape design, nursery management production and sales, and landscape contracting. He has since gone on to win more than a dozen awards, including the National Landscape Association's residential design award of merit, and also was the Long Island Nursery & Landscape Association's Man of the Year in 2008. Andrews' work has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens and House magazines.

Andrews' expert tips: "This plan is for the front entry area of a typical Long Island high ranch. I included the typical walk and driveway area construction elements as well as the planting plan for this house."