Oh, no! I'm late! My boss is going to fire me for sure.

Before you pretend that you're an adult, or you think you know your dream job, you should try Commerce Plaza. Commerce Plaza is a reality check for kids because you get to work in a job for the day, just as adults would. From the outside, you might think Commerce Plaza is small, but it makes a big impact on daily life. It is in Levittown and it's a fun and educational real life experience.

We forgot to mention that you and your business get an office, a desk for everybody who attends, a checkbook, a folder of requirements, and more. You also get a paycheck for the amount of money you would earn annually. You also have to pay for things like snacks, utilities, etc. You also get toys to sell for a certain amount of money. There are really good toys that you can get, but make sure you have enough money.

Don't think that you can walk through your day at Commerce Plaza with regular clothes. Take a look at what people wear to work. What do they wear? Fancy clothes! This is one of the only times your teacher may ask you to wear fancy clothes. You want to dress the part of an executive.

The last thing we will tell you about is the snack and lunch breaks. Everyone gets to choose a snack and lunch period to take a break from work. If you think that Commerce Plaza is hard just from what we're telling you, think again. It's a great trip. For more information about this excellent activity, visit: commerceplaza.org

Thinking inside and outside the box

For years my mom has ordered things in big boxes, and I had many boxes and nothing to use them for. Now I put those boxes together and I make caves. You can, too. You will need to start out with two big boxes. (You can add on when you master this process.)

Your next step is to use scissors to rip one wall off each box so that they can connect. You are going to need to make a door to be able to get in and out, and two windows. Your final step, my favorite one, is to use wallpaper and other decorations to make it look good.

You can let your friends sign in if they come inside. You can be creative and put drapes -- anything that makes you feel like you are in your dream house.

When you want to start over, you can easily take it apart. Just make sure to save the box.

Make a mansion, if you please. --Kidsday Reporter Emily Moelis

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Shari Bowes' fourth-grade class, WAVERLY PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, East Rockaway