The exhilarating, fun and complex game called Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii (about $39.99, Konami) will blow your mind.

Dance Dance Revolution comes with the game and the mat. As you can choose from many different modes, you will surely get a workout. The different modes are Dance, Workout, Wii Balance Board, Training and Exercise. Each mode has different components to it, but are all similar. For example, in the Exercise mode, you can set a calorie goal and dance your way up to it. You will find yourself starting to become more competitive as you get rid of those calories and dance along to the music.

The game has an excellent variety of music for all ages and personalities.

Dance Dance Revolution even has old hits such as "ABC" by the Jackson 5.

The way to play the game is on your TV; there will be some kind of cartoon dancing -- don't pay much attention to that.

You need to pay attention to the arrows going upward that match the four basic arrows on your screen. As you follow these arrows, you need to be able to also move your feet on the mat, which has the four arrows, a select button, a back button and a center place where you stand while waiting for the arrows.

You can buy this game online, at GameStop, or at your local video game store.

RATING: 5 of 5
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